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Updated: Sep 9

I'm Ivan, the founder of DigiCity. Father of 3 children with over 15 years of digital technology experience.

I am on a mission to connect children to their passion which is why I founded DigiCity.

DigiCity is developing an online platform where kids around the world can learn how to play based on their interests, so that parents, with kids in primary school, can raise their childs with a passion for learning.

But alongside this, we have a problem at home of digital technology addiction which is creating an emotional attachment for kids and detracting from healthier family dynamic.

At DigiCity, we are making a match between kid's interests and educational fun content available around the world. We are doing this through an intelligent recommendation engine desiged by educators which will provide personalised engaging activites for kids.

Think of a hand-picked game that is recommended to parents that allows kids to learn chemistry by baking bread. Or how to put together a bike among friends, trade parts, and put it together for an exciting race.

The possiblities are endless. With DigiCity, parents will also have an opportunity to manage quality screen time, and set incentive systems so that the interaction at home and with them is harmonious and fun

Here at DigiCity we believe in a safe, ad-free environment with only quality, personalised content designed to enable kids to discover and pursue their passion projects, at an affordable monthly subscription price.

I would love you to join the community and help us build a digital environment for your kids that is healthy, secure, safe, fun and reliable.

See you soon



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