We're on a mission

To connect children to their passion

Starting by providing quality screen time for your kids

Turn your kids' screen time into an activity they enjoy whilst making them smarter

DigiCity for kids is an App that provides approved personalised curated learning experiences that engage children in a constructive, fun and safe environment

Key qualities of DigiCity

Personalised Experiences

Activities based on your kids interests, hobbies & passions



Engaging & gamified to spark their curiosity to do more

Safe Environment

Lock-down age appropriate content vetted by you

Get Started in 3 easy steps

Sammy is a 6 year old boy who builds his profile in a fun way with his parents' help.


DigiCity captures kids' interests, likes, dislikes, passions and motivations. The platform learns how your kid interacts with digital technology: content, time of day, friends and family & learning style

Ivan - Sammy's dad - receives a list of personalised actvities for Sammy.


Recommended collection of age appropriate, easy to do activities validated by experts to encourage quality time. Each activity supports the development of one or more cognitive aspects of a developing mind. Activity based on Interests, wishes, theme, location, duration & age.

Sammy gets a notification that his dad has assigned an activity to him. And Sammy completes it. Sammy can now get 10 extra minutes of free screen time.

Fun family activities that boost the development of children’s critical life skills. A simple and effective toolkit to encourage positive behavior and to raise well rounded kids

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